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The Cyclised Cities projects were developed in discussion with New London Architecture and in collaboration with Michele Ragozzino Architecture & Design.
We focused on measures that would make our cities more permeable by allowing greater pedestrian and cyclist access, providing green spaces and integrating transport policies. Two sites were initially identified:
Highbury Corner, London N5
At the heart of the design was the unification of the green space at the centre of Highbury Corner roundabout with the shopping thoroughfare of Upper Street, Highbury and Islington station and cycle routes to the city.
We proposed reopening the disused underground station fronting both Holloway Road and Highbury Fields. This would enable greater access to Highbury Fields, the possibility of access to the underground without negotiating Holloway Road and provide secure twenty-four hour cycle parking.
We also sought to extend Transport for London's Oyster card scheme to cover existing changing facilities, such as those at Highbury Pool for use by commuters and cyclists. Finally, the existing station frontage would receive a new canopy under which vendors and commuters could rest and meet.
Bricklayers Arms, London SE1
The site, which emerged from consultations with Southwark Cyclists, forms a section of the unrealised inner London ring road. This interchange was built in anticipation of large volumes of fast moving traffic. Our proposals take emphasis away from the traffic that needs to flow through the area and below the flyover.
A large-scale model was produced and a series of possible design options were produced. The history of the site was researched and local authorities policy makers and stakeholders were consulted.
An option was proposed to reuse the existing flyover as a green gateway to a new park with sports facilities situated within the centre of the roundabout site. The flyover would allow connections with existing cycle and pedestrian routes to the north and south. Another option was to remove the flyover completely and provide pedestrian priority and traffic calming measures.
Areas for mixed tenure housing could be designated overlooking the new park. A shared surface with pedestrian priority, a street market and a community refreshments centre, would draw visitors to the south along Tower Bridge Road.