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The site is a Victorian dwelling of London stock brick, situated in South London. The architects were asked to reconfigure the existing kitchen extension, which was tall, narrow and dark. There were no views out to the garden, which rakes at an angle to the house.
A simple white rendered volume with a sloping roof and a glazed end was proposed. In addition, the architects opened up the existing living room arrangement and designed new bathroom and WC facilities.
Hi-level glazing ensures that plenty of light floods in across the sloping timber ceiling, allowing the space at low level to be used for kitchen facilities and preventing overlooking of the neighbouring garden.
A glazed corner at the end of the run of kitchen worktops affords a person standing at the sink discreet views of the garden, without loss of privacy. Birch plywood door panels mirror the timber finish of the raked ceiling and contrast with worktops of deep viridian. 
Photography by Steve Lancefield