Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas

A significant proportion of the projects undertaken are set within Conservation Areas. Many of these have additional further restrictions imposed, under Article 4 Directions.

David has a broad experience of working and designing within the context of Grade II listed Buildings. For Grade II* and Grade I Listed buildings he is able to able to draw on the consultation services of specialist Conservation Architects.

Key to the success of a Listed Building project is firstly, a detailed and accurate survey of the existing property. secondly, a clear philosophy of intervention and thirdly, an intelligently composed package of tender drawings and Schedule of Works. David has a great deal of experience of successfully negotiating with planners, residents and local interest groups.

As a RIBA Conservation Registrant (CR) and member of SPAB (The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings), David has an interest in working with ancient buildings and an awareness of the issues involved with working with old buildings. He is particularly interested in how the old and new can be complementary.

Through undertaking case study research and attending courses such as ‘The Repair of Old Buildings’ organised by SPAB, who are considered the leading experts in the philosophy and technology of old building repair and maintenance, this knowledge is continuously developed.