Infrastructure Opportunity Sites

Three London sites housing underutilised transport infrastructure, each offering a sustainable solution for active re-use.

The proposals for Lower Marsh Street, Waterloo and Crucifix Lane, London Bridge, investigated the existing railway infrastructure around two major termini. A third site, the flyover and roundabout at the Bricklayers Arms interchange on the Old Kent Road, proposed greener, safer connections between land to the South and North of the site, the cycle network and the environs of London Bridge and the river Thames.

The generator for each site being better use of under utilised spaces around transport infrastructure.

The designs were prepared in collaboration with a collaborator and architect colleague, Michele Ragazzino. Proposals were presented to Design For London and discussed with the Southwark Council’s regeneration and planning policy department. A model of the proposals was exhibited at the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery in Margate and were picked up by the local press.