Lantern House

A new build dwelling on a compact London site, adjacent to a public footpath and a disused electrical sub-station.

The new dwelling is organised around an internal courtyard. To the South of the site is a master bedroom suite. To the North of the site is the kitchen and living area. The Northern end of the site is two storey and accommodates a small mezzanine within a lightweight metal lantern stucture. This reflects the higher density and height of the adjacent dwellings. The Southern end of the site is single storey. Care has been taken to ensure that there is no overlooking in respect of the rear gardens of the existing terraced houses to the East of the site.

The massing is divided into a brick enclosure surrounding an internal courtyard at ground floor level, reflecting the existing boundary walls in proximity to the site, and the metal lantern structure housing a mezzanine level. The focus of the ground floor living spaces is a brick chimney structure, around which the staircase to the mezzanine and a window seat are sited. The internal courtyard is delineated by a timber enclosure facing the existing footpath.

Glazing is located either facing the internal courtyard, the sky (as rooflights) or, in order to provide natural surveillance, the Northern end of the public footpath. Planning has been approved and we are turning our attention towards the detailed design and procurement of this project.