Paines Lane

We were commissioned to renovate the existing house, convert the roof space into children’s accommodation and provide additional spaces consisting of kitchen, dining areas, a master bedroom, bathroom, dressing room suite, garages and lobby areas.

Built as part of the early twentieth century suburban expansion along the route of the Metropolitan line, the site is a detached dwelling of generous proportions with mature planting. Our design proposals recognise that any addition to the dwelling should be contemporary but sympathetic, using traditional materials such as timber, lead and render.

The new wing consists of a two storey gable end element, characterised by a pitched roof with overhanging eaves facing the street, emulating the massing of the existing house. A glass and lead clad linking element joins the existing house. At ground floor level, a seven metre wide horizontal timber clad sliding vehicle door seamlessly folds away when in use.

To the rear of the property a single storey composition with pitched roofs forms and encloses a courtyard and patio. The pedestrian rear entrance and lobby is characterised by a rotunda with a circular rooflight. Glazed gable ends allow daylight to wash across the pitched roofs highlighting the exposed rafters and timber soffits.