Hints for Home Builders: Learning from Rural Dwellings – Windows

The ideal home will embrace its historical context, yet be an emblem of its own time.

Developments away from towns are characterised by buildings clustered within small settlements within the landscape. These buildings are often placed in more sheltered positions. Rural dwellings especially, need to make the best use of their site and orientation.

Originally built of timber frames with wattle and daub infill or from load bearing masonry, rural buildings had small windows placed away from the prevailing wind direction the purpose of which was to let in light, not to have a view.

We have a romantic notion of the countryside. Being in harmony with nature and the changing seasons is relaxing for us.

Modern, large span beams, airtight construction and energy efficient glazing allow us to take full advantage of the landscape. Long landscape vistas can be framed with horizontal glazing. Small windows next to seats can highlight landmarks or allow you to catch glimpses of features.

Large windows on south facing elevations will gain heat. Although advantageous in winter, consider sun shading or an overhang in order to protect from the harshest of summer sun.