Dulwich Adjacent House, Southwark

Dulwich Adjacent House is a low laying contemporary dwelling on a prominent corner of a sloping site. Situated within a Dulwich Conservation Area in Southwark, the house is arranged around the traditional brick boundary walls of a large Victorian house.

A long slim and low development was envisaged, nestling inside an enveloping arm of lime mortar and London stock brick. Providing shelter and privacy for the occupants, whilst maintaining minimal impact upon the neighbouring properties. The occasional carefully placed opening and thin roofline sailing above provide clues of what lies behind to the casual viewer. The gradient of the site is utilised by introducing a split-level arrangement with a clerestory window that lets daylight deep into the internal spaces of the plan.

The walled enclosure of the building harmonises the development within the surrounding site and adds to the diversity of developments of all eras within the Dulwich locale. In contrast, the end elevations of the contemporary dwelling are largely glazed and open onto courtyards formed within the site. Whilst in contrast to the brick enclosing walls, the internal facing elevations are constructed of a lightweight timber frame.