What Clients Say

1. What’s it like working with David?

‘David listens and offers good advice. He is very organised and communicates very well across all parties so everyone knows where they stand. He’s very good at sticking to deadlines and works well with builders onsite. We both like David’s choice of materials and contemporary concepts.’

‘David is friendly, easy to work with and was very patient when we took several meetings to determine what we wanted.’

‘The service provided was great. I don’t remember at any time during the process having any issues with David. He was always more than helpful.’

‘Very good on both a professional and personal level.’

2. Were you fully engaged in the creative process?

‘Yes, we had a clear idea from the offset of what we wanted. A lot of other architects did not fully engage with us and often went off on a tangent with their own personal ideas. We felt that David understood exactly what we wanted from day one, which made things pretty easy for us.’

‘We were fully consulted every step of the way. We felt that David listened and took on board what we wanted.’

‘Absolutely. Right from the start David incorporated all our ideas, using photos of things we liked, especially with windows and finishings.’

‘David was brilliant. He really understands your needs.’

3. What did you enjoy most?

‘Working with David on the ideas for the project. I felt David really took the time to find out what we wanted and was happy to work with our ideas until we agreed on the final design.’

‘Moving in!!! Finally seeing it complete – from paper to reality.’

‘Seeing the glazing going in. I think this was the most challenging part of the project and probably the most exciting.’

‘The creative process was great fun.’

4. Are you happy with the end result?

‘Yes, VERY pleased with the final result.’

‘David did an absolutely amazing job with the design of the house. As a family it works for us and we are delighted with our new home.’

‘’Very happy! The house feels so light and airy with so much space. It incorporates modern with old, which really works. Every time our friends come over, they are very impressed. Everybody loves it – especially the massive, high window in the kitchen, a very clever unique design no one has seen before.’

‘I don’t think we will ever move. I’m a very satisfied customer, with an amazing house.’

‘Yes. David has taken our ideas and created a beautiful, living space.’

‘A big thank you for all your hard work in making our dream home.’

5. What’s it like to live/work/play in?

‘So much space and light! The children love it, especially having their own bathrooms. Our kitchen is the hub of the house and we spend most of our time in there.’

‘We love our new kitchen diner and mainly live in that room now. The utility room is a fantastic use of space and is the envy of all my busy mummy friends.’

‘Amazing! We spend most of our time in the kitchen. It’s become the hub of our home. It works very well in a practical sense but still has the wow factor. The space really comes into its own in the summer when we can open up the doors and let the outside in.’

‘We now have our dream home, perfectly suited to hectic family life.’