Split Level House, Lambeth

Split Level House, Lambeth is a two-storey contemporary dwelling on a long, sloping urban site.

The site is adjacent to a suburban railway line in Lambeth only has narrow access.

Our client who already owned the site and lived in a nearby flat, had ambitions to build a house for themselves on the site when they contacted David

In order to align with site levels and limit the impact of the new dwelling on existing properties, the entrance level on levels. The overall massing consists of two volumes, one single storey and the other two storey.

The single storey section encloses the boundary and fronts an existing path. A private courtyard entered from the existing driveway and path leads to the covered front door of the Split Level House.

The site is accessed via an existing drive and pathway that accesses the rear of existing gardens and allotments. New permeable surfacing and entrance gates have been designed.

Sleeping accommodation is at ground and first floor levels. The master sleeping accommodation has been placed as far away from the railway line as possible. Secondary sleeping accommodation is at first floor level.

In order to minimise vibration and noise from the railway line a load bearing retaining wall has been proposed fronting the railway.

Glazing has been organised around inward facing terraces that capture the best sunlight, without compromising privacy. The resulting design is a contemporary dwelling firmly rooted to its site and drawing on the traditions of Victorian infrastructure engineering.